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"Who are you ?Beat where come?"Liao learns a soldier to start to hand her, but one loose hand, she kneels down to go again and feels old Liao's thigh to cry a way:"My daddy died, was allowed what family kill!"
"Who is your daddy ?"Old Liao temporarily could not touches brains and leaves home town for decade and has already had a lot of matters to record not to live, this girl has a little look familiar, be don't recall to is who.
"My daddy calls to thank expensive, uncle, you definitely know him!"
Thank expensive!Be allowed family to kill!The Gu female seeks to come to ask for help at present, if Yuan a lightning flash, the front matter slowly flows through the heart that Liao learns a soldier and hands girl chair to once up say:"Are you the daughter who thanks expensive?Don't be excited, slowly say."
13 year ago Liao learn a soldier on the senior high school, is 30 pieces that thank a household-use thrifty in food and expenses rest to buy a book for him.
Liao learns a soldier to step on to win the route of travel of sea before decade, thanking expensive to steam 20 plain wheat rolls to fill into his bag.
Nine year ago Liao learn soldier parents to die at the same time, is thank expensive to call a neighbor to scrape up the money buy two people thin wood coffin just can bury.
Old Liao kneads a bone of breaking he or she.
The ,such as frost, cries the pear flower take tears, a nasal discharge is a tears, affair after stating one by one, the colleagues listen to fill with righteous indignation, each fire emits three Zhangs, the Feng pickeds up a telephone:"Do not go, world how still like this hooligan, I report to the police and make the legal medical expert perform post-mortem for you, their rope it is with the method."
"Not."Liao learned a soldier to decline his good intentions:"There is pear flower in pear flower town the solution method of the town."Say to the little girl:"The younger sister of the kid sister, what name do you call?Did your father bury?"
The ,such as frost, shakes:"I call like frost, yesterday at the crack of dawn I came up by bus , father still just bed up don't move, I incognizant road, seek for a long time, just find out here."
She never once arrive medium sea, again incognizant Liao learns a soldier, there is more no telephone, don't wear any baggage, 50 dollars boughted train ticket and then dided not leave what.Just go off train for some cantankerous men and women came strike up a conversation, frightened in the heart of pole, dazed four attend to, appear in public ask recognized incognizant Liao learned a soldier.Yesterday afternoon ran into a women say understanding, quickly followed walk, the women took her walk well far, arrived at a broken-down several-storied building inside, didn't see what person, go to the stool carelessly hear them is the regiment that turns to sell women the child, jump a window escape, hide in an unfamiliar lane son cry a night, tired and hungry, in afternoon run into a rascal that opens a motorcycle sees she grow good-looking, intent sexually harass, unintentionally said that Liao learns the soldier's name, that rascal incredibly knows, send to a tulip senior high school to come.
Experiencing the turns and twists must make public sour and smell shed tears, hearer bosom, everyone sob in the office not already.Sung jade Hao silently takes off glasses to blur out a drop of tears to say:"The young girl comes over to go to little Liao from the precious jade set City not easy, let's donate some money for him."At ordinary times usually get Liao learn a soldier to pay to drink, should be the time that expresses sense of honor at this time, take out 500 pieces to put on the table.Feng and remaining settled building to also follow to dedicate several hundred dollars.
The others are dark to scold, you heel little Liao's on friendly terms, help ascend a help is should, close us what matter?But words all said so, also ashamed stingy, accompany to all take out ten pieces of 20 pieces, also need to pack a generous and matchless appearance to say:"The wives all accepted wages to walk, this money originally wanted to buy smoke and saw kid sister a younger sister a wretchedness.Is alas, take first go to."
Liao learns a soldier to accept all of moneys well, the stand is even, fill to import a bag inside, say:"Each good intentions I Don't mention it got, hereafter have what difficulty call my Liao's someone 1."Then someone thinks:"Call you how again, can really occupying help up?"
Some matters are inconvenient to say before person, start to pull such as frost of way:"First eat some thing and take a bath with me, return to pear flower again Chen-an to bury your father."
Arrive the second floor the restaurant ordered a few small vegetableses and called a bowl of rice, thanked to once eat instant noodles to be just half such as frost satisfied flow tears just don't talk as well, eat all of the meals completely.

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