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"Is like frost ……" bald spleen break, rib break quite a few root, cough a blood, unwillingly prop up till now, wriggle lips, fee very big effort just say words:"See appearance, I am to don't go quickly, you don't want to report to the police and report to the police the useless, on the contrary will encounter their revenge …… my there are 50 dollars under the pillow, you early in the morning tomorrow by bus go to medium sea, seek one to make Liao learn a soldier, let him revenge for me ……" finishes saying two legs always.
Such as frost sad don't become a voice:"Father!"
Thank bald to suddenly open eyes, difficultly stretch out a hand:"Remembered, you are the daughter of old, let his Rao your elder brother ……"
"Daddy, I which don't go as well, I want to have you cured."
The mouth side of "Be getting more useless, find out Liao to learn a soldier, do obeisance he does adopted father ……" old comes out a foam-like in shape blood, neck a slanting, didn't wake up any further.
After an hour, always collapsed and fainted Xie Tu's sub- wife also lets go of human world.
The ,such as frost, presents petrochemical status before bed and sat for a night, the tears flows river in Chengkong University, the window outside roars and shouts of the north wind just and like forty pare off, the year is only 15-year-old she is from now on completely helpless, daze to mismanage, if Yuan judgment day in the world comes, sad despair.
Meanwhile, thank little wood and the brotherses of Xu Shi San at city south greatly the row block to drink and row a boxing to go to make and seem the ground of afternoon have never once taken place for time what matter.
Finish clapping a drama in the afternoon, stop work for the day very early, old Liao returned to more school at 3:00 and had never found out free time to wipe the oil that the Mu permits ice rain, the Mu permitted ice rain also worried must not go, can so many people are present, in the end ashamed, hence appointed to meet in the evening.
Peep the punishment notice of the team of 3 people finally don't announce, seeing to the board of directors hard once considered own opinion.
Lead to office of all the way, a lot of teachers all looking at him with the different taste, old Liao is puzzling, on the face again the nothing important is foul stuff, the old clothes of performance have already changed back as well and also have what good-lookingly?
Six truly reach to clip a handout to rush into having a class, right against the face walk, also up and down conjecture toward him, Liao learns a soldier Nu way:"See your grandpa?What matter?Lao Tze is old to feel to tremble with fear today."
Six truly reach low voice to say:"Does teacher Su come to seek your some times in the morning!But you not at, very pitiful, also have, just came to a little girl again, wait you in the office."Heart way:"This beast affirmation is a private life don't pay close attention to, be sought by the somebody else to come come, I must secretly go out this news dispersal, the so little girl also makes, shameless lout!"
"Is not us class student?"
"Is incognizant, the accent has a little strange, seem a precious jade set that to take."
"?"Old bearer in the house?Liao learns a soldier to see this matter to deeply wear in everywhere weird, also not much say what, pull out feet to walk to the office.
A half is unfamiliar the only 45-year-old little girl sit his seat up eat a pail of instant noodles, absolutely can call in order to eat voraciously it, the facial expression is beautiful and slender medium deeply wear exhausted, two eyes are empty, eye bag swollen and inflamed, the hair is in great disorder, the nose bottom still flows pure nasal discharge, the clothes worn are very broken-down, pants already short arrive ankle, at least wear for three years.Holding the palm of chopsticks is rough, is as just about as old Liao's hand.
The Feng poured a cup boiled water to put on the table and said:"The younger sister of the kid sister, eat slowly, don't choke."Turn head a to see, say:"Liao learned a soldier to come, you occupied to seek him to say quickly, wait lower part long come to can be not good-looking."
Liao learns a soldier to take a doubt to walk to the table side to ask:"Do you seek me?"
"Is you it Liao that learn a soldier?"The little girl wipes off nasal discharge to ask a way and say of is taking the words of the precious jade accent in set City.
"Seek me to occupy yes?"
Slippery in the little girl eye socket tears, throw down a bowl of chopsticks, plop one kneels in front of him.
This action's making the owners of office all surprised is getting more foolish, modern people in addition to offering sacrifices to ancestor, cut off little kneel down, if want to kneel one and live a person, unless that person is Ye milk parents and is his/her own sky, the idol that oneself prostrates un worships, this female kid directly kneels Liao and learns a soldier, might it not be ……everyone be full of question in the momentary brain,

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