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Two days ago, in the middle of being apart from pear flower town in 120 kilometers of precious jade set City in sea City, the town holds a meeting pack with a dense crowd, everyone was joining a crowd for fun, today's jollification very and not and usually, east two husband's parentses of bald of street in the door just disputed with Xu Zhen's three sons east the ownership of the foot of a hill fish pond.
What a joke!Allow three sons of town mayor and declare pear flower three young tigers in the town, collaborate with a local police station, arrogant impoliteness, overbearing domineering, see the chicken catch a chicken and see a dog Nian dog, a handle kills pig knife and puts on the trousers belt and felt hungry to literally arrest a hotel food and drink and had never dared and accepted money and said truth and spent a town in the pear every day, and his allowing a surname the thing that three brotherses favor don't not come back ground.
Ever since eldest brother in Liao's house disappears before decade, old two go to medium the sea read everyone, Xu Jia became real Ba in the town of pear flower lord, you a bald the old dare also contend for fish pond with him, not and desperately?Last year for the sake of a pack of cigarette, Liu Jia Xiang's shameless Liu was become by son Xu Jia Da Dun Tong disable and sick, closed for half month as a result, what the matters all haded no and then put out and delivered more unrestrained, almost arrived the situation that the everyone looks askance at.
"Thank bald son, you the fish of yesterday selling of his Niang makes Lao Tze ill from eating, is medical expenses 84,000 pieces, lose money or render up me to the fish pond?"Allow old great anger drink a way, the knife Ba on the face one Shan is one Shan, particularly ferocious.
3 F outside the 3 F in the crowd, the everyone gloats over the disaster of others and have no half cent sympathize with.
The bald squats down on the ground to take out stuffy smoke, his wife has mercy on the ground of Xi Xi to entreat:"See at together person ground in town up, Rao we, yesterday's fish is so fresh, how may eat bad belly?Say again to eat bad belly flower also not what money, how can have 84,000 pieces?"
Allow eldest brother one feet Chuai past, drink to scold a way:"How need not?Want to see the charge detailed list that the hospital opens for you?"
How can the women that is nearly 50 years old to get older and weaker physically s stand this strong man's a feet.The Lun rolls to pour in the ground on the spot on the lower abdomen and move not get, the red and very gorgeous blood slowly leaks out pants, old Xie Hong double eye, call a way:"Surname of, you kick to kill my wife, I put together with you!"The Jin that is fierce to charge forward, clench to allow eldest brother lichen.
Allow surname brothers a hug but front, the feet of the boxing feet of boxing, thank bald son to beat hardly recognizable as human beings.The cement ground of catcall dyes a full blood, public dare the Nu not dare to talk, some still have justice heart of then the head don't see.
Round among the crowd of view still the son of bald thank little Lin Dou to tremble shuttle shuttle and shrink head and allow old two pull his hair to coldly say with smile:"Little Lin Zi, you this is like a similar dad of dog's dung to dare to also violate openly us three brothers fear-inspiring prowesses, beyond all limits, you come over and teach your dad for us!"
Thank a little wood to keep silence, allow old 21 recorded box on the ear to take out in the past, say:"Is hesitant what?Idle away in seeking pleasure with us every day, the Piao bawdry still pays a bill for you, pretty and to heart's content BE, calling you now a little bit dry matter Be not willing to?"
Thank little wood irresolute short moment, kicked to living he keeps an one feet of his father and allow old two scold again:"***Did not you suck at breast today?Make an effort a point!"
See spew out the fury of Nu poison in the bald's eyes, allow old 21 steep thick phlegm ground to vomit in his face:"Come, old younger brother, pick the light to these two old shameless clothes pants."
Under blood-red color evening, old husband and wife is naked to shiver in the bise, face numerous people's vision, the urine bladder of his wife breaks and wets aqua and blood to match run off private parts, and it is silly smile to thank a little wood beside Hey Hey.
Gradual utter darkness in the sky, the crowd just spreads to go gradually, a few neighbors used them woolen blanket to wrap to lift a hospital, because condition of the injury too heavy, have no money hand over a treatment fee, and then be expeled and have to lift to go home inside, just read an of Gao Yi's daughter,such as frost receive notice, to rush through back, old husband and wife already leave an end one breath.
The neighbors are afraid he died on the spot, oneself not get away, anyway lift to go home in is already to do all that is humanly possible to help, lend to spread to go in succession, the ,such as frost,

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