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Old Liao sighed to sigh and put ample for a time, prepare to chew the fat a sufficient power, at will picked up the physical teaching plan of table to turn over to see, say:"Our physical lesson result of the class always cans not go up, was really too nerve-racking, teacher Weng ground the teaching level is quite good, but he belongs to a headed in work talented person and communicate with the students isn't very full."
"Yes and yes."Yang De Feng nods a way:"You class the discipline is really very bad, can be complete of ascend a section lesson have already calculated up and very and successfully."
2 people chatted a burst of, Liao learns a soldier slowly and turns the topic to suddenly and violently tooth Huang Shen up:"E, senior clerk, grade three Huang Guang Ji, you see how, hear that he educates students a set of effort, I just thinking invite in the time of free evening the student whom he helps me guides a guidance."
Can teach a grade three course, mostly the school graduates of Gao just living, oneself have background, Yang De Feng H'm 1:"Teacher Huang's level can be also.But personal character how not."
"How do this words say?"Old Liao's exultation superficially moves freely lifting of a color 1.
Anyones are all latent gossip disseminations, Yang De Feng early to suddenly and violently tooth Huang has a tiny phrase, privately and even disaffection he to leadership layer the behavior that dedicate Mei, this not is beat a Lao Tze senior clerk seat landlord idea?Therefore an opportunity then and greatly says something against him.Mysterious ground of Xi Xi depresses voice:"Small yellow this person, deceit of Mei bottom, hear a few days ago still peeping ladies room together with student, doing not know how he is caught up data member Ms. Du as well."
"Can't, also have what other bad cases?Words like this I didn't dare to allow him to guide my ground a student.
Yang De Feng also feels to steal ladies room case too Xuan, the shortage makes people believe and then said piece really matter:"His class the result last semester didn't attain the standard of board of directors rules, drew up the quite a few reason that the student gets sick, fell this matter of results to cover up to pass by."
Since once played tricks upon to falsely forge of bad matter, so do so much many, Liao learns a soldier to elaborate, allusion hereafter have an opportunity at Smith's madam front of be beautiful for him to talk severals, Yang De Feng's exultation, give thanks Die not.
He starts leave-taking and went first the independent office that the board director allows an iron wood.
Allow an iron wood of ostentatious bigger than president, the office repairs very luxurious, this is the mental allusion of parent a mightiness that gives to come to visit:"Our school is bestly a whole city, you don't choose to still have here what can choose?"Certainly is to aim at rich parent and speech, there is no air condition, behind of the fireplace set alight warm small fire, outdoors of the temperature is in fact also quite good, but he likes so, the other people didn't advise arrestment.
Liao learned a soldier to take off a coat, still the hot sweat keep emitting, drank a secretary to deliver subterranean heat tea and said:"Term board director, didn't grasp how many students who peep ladies room two days ago?"
It is exactly the person who handles this matter, Be impressed with this matter, don't understand a way to allow iron wood:"That's right and have already drafted punishment detailed regulations, prepare to send out a notice to the whole school, follow bad examples by Jing, the earthquake Zhe is those students who carry on misdeed."
"The student peeps female Ci, is you personally see?Control definite evidence?"
"BE physical set work teacher Huang Guang Ji grasp in person of, and make the student of matter have already not confessed Hui, return any questions?"Allow iron the wood make sure that Liao learns a soldier again is come to pick up quarrel, hid a turning over of poison affairs case last time, let his ability to old Liao greatly for admire.
"Term board director, we this is the school to, the school is a stem what use?Teach to teach a person, teach the person how to become useful, guide the correct direction of their life, you are a board director, the school is your house, the student's parent be your food and clothing parents, do you take no account of doing a point to order contribution for family and on the contrary want to reverse black and white, is what truth?"
Allow iron Lin Jian is leaving no chance to explain a big hat to button up to come down, upset way:"Punish three students, with strict clear Ji's school rules in the school, how isn't a truth?"
Old Liao manages to keep spirit strong:"You had to miss three students although the behavior doesn't carry,have no at least other big bad, so the which shames one feeling publicize to go out, their life will rewrite completely, from now on before person lift not and at first, result in the influence of subversion type on a person's thought,

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