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you trample law, calumny others, break system in the school, is BE unfaithful to ruler, you mix so, give Chiu my grandfather up discredit, not ability magnificent lintel in the door also even if, it happened that still greatly throw its face, is BE not filial, you this is unkind righteousness not unfaithful to ruler and not filial guy, entitle to be a teacher?You not and automatically resign again, only afraid thunderclap in the sky split.Judgment day in the world comes in advance."
It manages Huang Huang, it talks brightly shining, sentence sentence attack vital part, the word word connects Ji to take Feng and has never learned excessive contact ground of soldier with Liao teacher to then think:"Originally little Liao is really a good talker."Allowed iron Lin Dao to even come out cold sweats to come:"Just had no so much easy to read attach with Chiu's director's one-sided statement, otherwise will be scolded by him just now injured all over the body."
"Chiu big strange phrase Feng not ability with match, the finger is shivering:"You ……you say that none of grounds is true.Make unfounded!
"Chiu's director, I want to say with everyone'roll a stone'of story, do you have an opinion?"
The Chiu big strange facial expression greatly changes, body in a flash, a bottom sits chair once and roll the stone K hall Piao bawdry, that scandal how make people know?This can be consumedly far from good very, indeed as expected such as he say, judgment day in the world came in advance ……
Roll the story of stone?Isn't clear so of the teachers feel the cow head that old Liao says not to Ma Zui, but bitchy 3 people the team is then knowing a smile:Originally Chiu is big strange to be not a good thing either.
Liao learns a soldier marvelous must very, you beat to also beat however, scold to also scold however, say to manage him is also slanting reason justices can pull, want to compare Wei power?He grasps of the hold is ander the rise than you!Deal with leather sugar like this person, also have what way?Rolling the situation of the stone K hall is that Chiu is big strange is sweet and sad things of the past, in case of make him in public publicize, later need not appeared in public, old Liao since is hooligan's eldest brother, what the matter don't to come out, he is to have no evidence and spend money to seek an irrelevant prostitute to the school to greatly make a , also be good enough to let oneself's desire cries have no tears.
Chiu is big strange unique can make ground currently be temporary avoid sharp point, the darling admits defeat and miserably says with smile:"This ……teacher Liao, we just in the conference, story naturally, concerning what underworld of, I, E, I have no evidence, with subjective surmise, very not satisfactory, stay to wait next time again discuss, anyway also not is what important event, ha ha, ha ha."
A puzzling story can let to lead a director to bend the head by the hard spirit and the Xun that obstinate Zhao call and also really smelt don't smell, tactics strategy far far less Yu orchid basin will the tycoon's teachers guess naturally unexpectatively lifetime so careful from hold of old Chiu has a hold to hold to also think in little Liao's hand he is scolded by a responsibility, as if come to Hu to infuse a crest, finally understand Be getting hower to get along with people, it is one to hand over to praise this in succession acknowledging wrong can change of good director.
Meanwhile, every Friday the free movable lesson of end, have already had many classmates to tidy up thing to prepare to go home, haven't handed over a new friend inside four short along whiles to transfer, self-conscious boring, only Anne is asking the question on the foreign language to Zhang Le Xin , pass Mu cloud ramblingly seeks Sung graceful strike up a conversation useless talk-however Sung is graceful don't manage him at all.
The Cui government inclined Ba wears a veranda railing, the Jiu Chou is or so have no teacher, touch a root cigarette nod, as for those student's disciplinary committees that didn't grow investigate a brigade, let them see ghost go to, dynasty Lin Xiao be willing to hang up finger:"Fatty comes over for a while."
Lin Xiao is willing to however tell an offense with summer, the fart Dian fart Dian runs over there:" Government, have what matter?"
The Cui government raised a hand to give him the slap:"Make money recently pretty happy BE?Mama pulls to force of, don't forget last year you got grade threely senior to beat, who put for you even?"
Lin Xiao be willing to the Wu wear a face not dare to make a noise, also not dare to escape, the leader of class ground accumulates Wei to still keep letting what him is afraid very much.
"Return to, tell a summer however, if he can accept an ability two newly arrived males of, we admit his new position."
Lin Xiao Biao returns to only one say with summer, the summer is however happy to be getting worse, this is a get away from "wretchedness insect""nouveau riche" head of good opportunity,

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