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It is amazing what the NFL Draft has become and what it has evolved into over time. Nike Air Max 90 Schweiz . For those who remember many years ago, the National Football League draft was more of a gathering of decision-makers with very few evaluating the very many and in many ways, hoping the decisions they make are correct. Now it is an investment that demands a performance dividend and if the dividend does not max out consistently on the football field, people lose jobs and revenue is lost. And these are well paying jobs and high revenue amounts. It is true that finding football players is 50 per cent science and 50 per cent art bordering on pure luck. Maybe that is why it is so entertaining because there really is no common denominator for draft success. Even the best in the business have missed big time on players and groups of players among the various years of evaluating. Some people in football are better than others but if you follow it close enough, not by much. No one really dominates in finding talent year after year. For Seattle in recent years, Richard Sherman as a fifth round pick and Russell Wilson as a third round pick made the team special. But last year was completely different with fifth round pick and Canadian Luke Willson as well as Michael Bowie in the seventh round really being major contributors. It was a great move to trade #1 for Percy Harvin but you cant say last years draft was as good as previous drafts. So what is everyone looking for? With all the scouts in all blocks of the country, the coaches who should always have an influence and the managers who have extreme job security if they draft well and no security if they dont, that is a great question. I think there are tangibles and intangibles. The tangible is how the player plays based on film analysis and competition. Truth is, to make good football decisions, all you need is enough good video and a good one-on-one interview. Everything else from the combine and individual workouts is icing on the cake. But sometimes that icing is so good it clouds decisions that could have been made without the "extra look", without pads and looking at movement more than actual on-field football ability. Many people in football become seduced by the visual in-person vs. the true reality of what happens on the field. The tangible "stuff" is easy to assess. It is the intangibles when the art takes over the science and sometimes is merely common sense. I think there are two words that make the difference in all drafting in football: maturity and passion. Maturity is really hard to recognize. Some players in the interview process pass with extreme confidence but when they make money and have to be completely self-motivated are anything but. In other situations, a player may have a criminal record or been involved in "stupid college stuff", then when they achieve wealth and independence, they change for the good. They grow up when you had to wonder if they would ever grow up. Some people are born with maturity on and off the field. Others create it at a certain moment for certain reasons and others yet never find it and it takes a possible great career and changes it to an experience. Having maturity is critical in every way and is difficult to assess correctly. The second intangible is passion. How much does the particular player actually like, even love, football? Now you would think all players love, or at least like, football. Not so. There is so much money in the sport now that playing for money is an easy motivation. By the time you reach your second contract, you could be set for life. Lets say you are 26 years-old, house and car paid off, money in the bank, happily married, success on the field with maybe even a Super Bowl or two. Why play any more football when you know what it does to your body and in some cases your mind? Only after the money is made does the football desire increase or diminish. Until that happens, you just dont know. Every football player will tell every team they LOVE football. But do they love football or do they love what football will get you and what you can purchase? Again just like maturity, you really dont know until time moves on. Come May 8-10, many of the very best will have their life changed in one phone call. For some, it will be a life changing moment that they will capitalize on in a remarkable way. For others, the sport at the pro level will be too much, whether it is due to competition or intensity. Which player will experience which life is an unknown. It may be due to height, weight, speed and everything you can see feel and touch. Or it may be because of how much you want it and how well you can adjust and handle it; a certain mental ability and a certain emotional ability that you can tap into. Between the best athlete with really good video and the lesser athlete, whos maybe not as dominant on the field but has his act together and loves the game, Ill take the latter. Welcome to the NFL draft starting May 8th, a gamble of research and a gamble of hope. Schuhe Schweiz Bestellen . While he was away, it was the division-rival Baltimore Orioles conducting a little business of their own, scooping up Ubaldo Jimenez on Monday evening to a reported four-year, $50-million contract. Nike Air Max 97 Günstig . The 2010 batting champ showed what he can do when hes mostly healthy. Gonzalez homered, doubled and singled in his return to the lineup, and the Colorado Rockies snapped a five-game losing streak with a 13-4 victory over the Chicago Cubs on Wednesday night. https://www.schuheshopschweiz.ch/gunstig-schweiz-nike-air-max-270-fake-kaufen-d206.html . In five games last month, Billings led all scorers with 11 goals, 27 assists and 38 points as the Rock posted a 2-3 record.CLEVELAND -- Finally, at long last, the Browns have a date to name their quarterback. Decision day is Tuesday for Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel. Thats when Browns coach Mike Pettine aims to announce his starter for Clevelands Sept. 7 opener at Pittsburgh. His choice could be influenced by how the quarterbacks play in Monday nights nationally televised exhibition at Washington. "Something unforeseen could come up, but were hopeful because I do want to see if I can cut the quarterback questions down by about 90 per cent after next week," said Pettine, a first-year coach who for months has faced questions about his quarterbacks. "The chemistry, the continuity, its important to establish that." On Thursday, Pettine said Hoyer will start against the Redskins on Monday night, with Manziel getting snaps with the first-team offence. Pettine isnt sure how hell divide their time and will see how the game unfolds before determining when each is on the field. His focus is making sure the "reps are close to equal." Pettine also made it clear no decision has been made. "All of our options are still on the table," he said. Does that mean Manziel, the popular rookie who helped the Browns draw record crowds to training camp, can still win the job? "Sure he can," Pettine said. "All of our options are still on the table. He just needs to go out and play, thats the bottom line. They both do. Ive met with both of them and discussed the situation and theyre both comfortable with it and they both know its going to be up to them, when theyre out there, to go out and do their job." As he has stated for months, Pettine will choose the quarterback he feels gives the Browns their best chance to beat their bitter rivals. "Youre looking for the total package -- the quarterback who is best suited to take the field and lead us to a win against the Steelers," Pettine said. "Thats the bottom line decision we have to make. There will be a lot of things going into it." Pettine said he will consult with offensive co-ordinator Kyle Shanahan, quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains and maybe "another guy or two in there." Generral manager Ray Farmer will be there "to listen and observe. Schuhe Bestellen Großhandel. " Hoyer started Clevelands preseason opener at Detroit, with Manziel playing exclusively with the backups. Pettine isnt disappointed with the way the quarterbacks have played or that one hasnt taken off and separated from the other to make the decision easier. "They both started camp at a certain point and theyve both made improvement," he said. "I think theyve both made big strides. When you look at it, I feel like were in a good position, we have two quarterbacks that we feel have NFL starter ability, which is why its a difficult decision." Whatever decision is made, Pettine knows its far from permanent. "So much can change over the course of an NFL season, the circumstances," he said. "Thats one position where you probably have to have a little more patience that others whether a guy is not performing at a level you think he can. I dont want whoever the starter is to feel like If I make one mistake, Im out. I dont want them to feel like, Hey, Ive achieved something and this is my team for the year." Pettine would not confirm or deny a report Manziel was late to a team meeting this week. "Thats internal business," he said. "Im not going to discuss stuff that happens. We like to keep stuff in the family." NOTES: After being "tagged" by the Ravens and Jets, Pettine and several players took the ALS "ice bucket challenge" following practice. Manziel had two buckets dumped on him. ... Pettine also had a comment for New York coach Rex Ryan, saying, "Rex, I know you want to punch me in the face. Anytime you want to go toe to toe, you know where to find me." ... CB Buster Skrine injured a thumb during practice. Pettine had not yet met with the training staff to know the seriousness. .... Pettine said DL Desmond Bryant (wrist) is waiting for a second medical opinion. ... WR Josh Gordon, awaiting word on his appeal with the NFL, has "a chance" to play against the Redskins. ... WR Nate Burleson will likely sit out Monday night. ... TE Jordan Cameron has been cleared to play. ' ' '

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